Heart of Glass Book Review

I was incredibly lucky to have been given this book by Ivy Ngeow before the initial release on June 30. After reading, Cry of the Flying Rhino, I was eagerly anticipating this second novel. I loved Ngeow’s unique and informative style of writing. So, I eagerly jumped at the opportunity to read and review Heart of Glass.

First of all I want to mention the cover of the book. I wasn’t expecting the cover of this book but I absolutely love it. It’s bright and colourful and mirrors the time and setting of the novel. It’s a wonderful cover.

This novel is another compelling read with an original and fast paced writing style. It keeps the story flowing and keeps you hooked on all the action. The twists and turns in the novel leave you shocked and desperately wanting to continue reading.

We follow the heroine, Li-An, as she begins her journey in Chicago during the 1980s. Li-An is a musician and finds herself playing the piano in Macau. However, this escape from her past leads Li-An down a dark spiral that leads to suffering, gambling, injuries and maybe even death?

Ngeow writes in such a talented way that you are completely immersed in the time and setting of her book. Once again I found myself learning about a time and place that I wouldn’t have learned about before. Its one of the many aspects of Ngeow’s writing that I adore. Her writing is incredibly informative but in a subtle way, it’s not over bearing on the reader.

The characters are incredibly flawed and are ultimately bad people, yet it makes such a fascinating read because you have to see what will happen. The heroine, Li-An, is an interesting character. She has a mixed heritage which makes her reading about her past enlightening. She is also incredible naive yet I found myself rooting for her, wanting her to be stronger and make the hard choices. I love reading about flawless characters because it’s more relatable to human life. No one is perfect. It made the book far more endearing to read.

This story is a fascinating literary thriller and incredibly original. I have never read anything quite like it before.

Ultimately, the story is about greed, desire and power.

You should read this book and find yourself back in the drama of the disco 80’s.

Here’s the link for the book trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRDowKLhuW0

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Everything Is Lies by Helen Callaghan Review

I’ve been a fan of Helen Callaghan’s since the release of Dear Amy, a psychological thriller that kept me completely hooked. I eagerly awaited for her second novel Everything Is Lies and quickly purchased the hardback when it was available.

Immediately, I found myself drawn into the character Sophia. I found her to be relatable and completely normal. It made her character far more endearing to me. She wasn’t exceptional but she knew what she had to do to find the truth. I loved and was inspired by her determination!

I wanted to enjoy this novel and made myself put it down after I read a hundred pages. I wanted to prolong it because I like to work the mystery out, to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I couldn’t. Every time I thought I knew what had happened or what was about to happen, I was completely thrown.

Callaghan managed to embed a narrative in the story containing Nina’s past, Sophia’s mother, that is pivotal to the plot. I loved the two narratives that linked together to show similarities between mother and daughter. It was these similarities, this connected link, that allowed us to be more sympathetic to Nina’s case.

The fascinating book is definitely a must read! I loved every second of it. Psychology is a major theme in this book and demonstrates flawlessly how easily manipulated and corrupted people can be.

Read this book!

Also read Dear Amy!