The Unexpected Inlander Book Review

This book was giving to me by the Author, Kellyn Thompson, in exchange for an honest review. I’m so glad she did because I really enjoyed this book.

The Unexpected Inlander is filled with drama, action and romance. However, it’s not over the top. Instead, it’s a perfect blend of all three genres. It’s not too graphic or too forced, it’s woven excellently into the story being told.

The story is set in a fascinating dystopia where the world has been split into sectors and people are judged purely on their genetic and geography. In this new world, people are modified by their parents to make sure they contain traits and genetics that will be useful to society rather than harm it. There’s also a division between the upper class people who live on the Coast and those who live Inland. These divisions seemed to reflect our modern world filled with divisions and prejudice. I found this whole idea original and thoroughly interesting.

The narrative often changed between the two main characters; Chris Rockford, an assassin for the Government, and Jenna Macklemore, a purebred with a hidden history. However, I loved these switches in perspective because it felt like I was listening to someone tell me an oral story. Also, it was entertaining to read Chris and Jenna having similar thoughts about each other but not realising the other was thinking the same. I found this really amusing because you’re not dating someone don’t we all feel like this? Unsure but the other one is feeling the same. Even though, it’s set in a futuristic world the story related to the contemporary world.

Thompson manages to create two main characters that had me completely hooked. It was interesting to read about Chris and how he had been learned to profile people since he was a teenager. It was fascinating to read about Jenna’s undiscovered and hidden past when it came to light. Thompson really created rich and engaging characters that I couldn’t help but root for.

Thompson not only creates fascinating characters but managed to use their history, their beliefs and careers as way to build this world. She doesn’t overload the information to the reader. Her writing is concise and clear therefore this future world becomes far more understandable. The world was detailed. It was also very thought provoking as I found myself asking what would my opinion be if I lived in this setting? The book wonderfully demonstrated how we all need our flaws and how we are all different, that’s the way it should be.

Kellyn Thompson created a complex novel filled with action, a forbidden romance and exciting twists that kept me hooked.

I definitely recommend it.

Thanks for reading!

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Heart of Glass Book Review

I was incredibly lucky to have been given this book by Ivy Ngeow before the initial release on June 30. After reading, Cry of the Flying Rhino, I was eagerly anticipating this second novel. I loved Ngeow’s unique and informative style of writing. So, I eagerly jumped at the opportunity to read and review Heart of Glass.

First of all I want to mention the cover of the book. I wasn’t expecting the cover of this book but I absolutely love it. It’s bright and colourful and mirrors the time and setting of the novel. It’s a wonderful cover.

This novel is another compelling read with an original and fast paced writing style. It keeps the story flowing and keeps you hooked on all the action. The twists and turns in the novel leave you shocked and desperately wanting to continue reading.

We follow the heroine, Li-An, as she begins her journey in Chicago during the 1980s. Li-An is a musician and finds herself playing the piano in Macau. However, this escape from her past leads Li-An down a dark spiral that leads to suffering, gambling, injuries and maybe even death?

Ngeow writes in such a talented way that you are completely immersed in the time and setting of her book. Once again I found myself learning about a time and place that I wouldn’t have learned about before. Its one of the many aspects of Ngeow’s writing that I adore. Her writing is incredibly informative but in a subtle way, it’s not over bearing on the reader.

The characters are incredibly flawed and are ultimately bad people, yet it makes such a fascinating read because you have to see what will happen. The heroine, Li-An, is an interesting character. She has a mixed heritage which makes her reading about her past enlightening. She is also incredible naive yet I found myself rooting for her, wanting her to be stronger and make the hard choices. I love reading about flawless characters because it’s more relatable to human life. No one is perfect. It made the book far more endearing to read.

This story is a fascinating literary thriller and incredibly original. I have never read anything quite like it before.

Ultimately, the story is about greed, desire and power.

You should read this book and find yourself back in the drama of the disco 80’s.

Here’s the link for the book trailer on YouTube:

Thanks for reading!

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They Both Die At The End Book Review

It was in the damn title and I knew it was coming but my heart is shattered. Wow.

They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera is the first book I’ve read of his. However, I promise you now it definitely won’t be the last. It was incredible.

A lot of people had been reading this book online and had been giving it great reviews. I seen the relationship between Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli online and that also made me want to read his books.

They Both Die At The End pulled me in immediately from the title. I loved the originality and the concept of the book; everyone gets a phone call to notify them that they are going to die at that die. I was intrigued on how an author could make me care about two characters in such a way when we only see one day of their lives.

However, Silvera created lively characters with engaging personalities that I found myself going through the experience with Mateo and Rufus. Each of them lived such different lives and were different people. Mateo fearful of life whereas Rufus, though carrying the burden of his family’s death, was much more carefree. I loved seeing how their personalities came together to truly bring out the best in each other.

Not only was I fascinated by Rufus and Mateo’s story but I loved how Silvera wrote in the perspectives of the friends and families of the two boys. This brought me closer to the characters and I felt like I was part of their friendship group.big made me feel like somehow I was a part of it all and I loved it.

Of course, my favourite relationship in the entire novel was Rufus and Mateo’s. I loved how special their relationship was and how they lived together on their last day. I don’t want to talk too much about their relationship because I feel you should experience it without knowing what is to come for the both of them. Make the memories with them. The representation in this novel is so important. There is LGBT and POC representation. I love reading a book where all people are represented, it brings the book to life.

This novel was incredibly thought provoking in a way that I didn’t initially expect. I found myself wondering so many things whilst I was reading: Would I tell anyone if I knew I was going to die? Would I be scared or live my last day to the fullest? Honestly, it probably would have been the first. However, after reading this beautiful novel, it made me realise how important life is. It made me realise how important everyone in your life is and even the small details. This book really made me want to live.

The writing was casual and quirky only making it more interesting. This is definitely one of my favourite reads, buy it and share in Rufus and Mateo’s last day.

Cast Long Shadows Book Review

Cassandra Clare hit me again at the start of the month with this short story in the collection from Ghosts From The Shadow Market. I was highly anticipating this one because it deals with the characters we saw briefly in flashbacks in Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy and those we will eventually see during the upcoming series The Last Hours.

Cast Long Shadows was written by both Cassandra Clare & Sarah Reed Brennan. They have written some of my favourite short stories from the Shadowhunter world and this one did not disappoint.

This story centred around Jem, Brother Zachariah, meeting Matthew Fairchild in the Shadow Market. It was a very interesting dynamic between the two of them. It was almost like father & son. I found myself smiling at their interactions.

I loved the cover for this ebook. The colours were so vibrant and it captured a moment in the story where Matthew is completely free and dancing with the Faerie. So, far, I’m finding the artwork for this series so beautiful.

This story was particularly hard hitting compared to the first in the series. We really get to explore the relationships that Matthew has with his family, his parabatai and his friends. Matthew is so confident on the exterior whilst he’s the opposite on the inside. He hides his true self from everyone except those close to him. I love reading about characters like this because so many people in real life act in a similar way. It’s so interesting to read and see the inner workings of it.

Matthew is dealing with the notion that his mother might be having an affair in this short story and there’s a possibility that his father isn’t his biological father. This plays on Matthew leaving him frightened that it could be true because he looks so different from his family. I really enjoyed reading this concept because, I felt, it was rather original and something I enjoyed seeing explored briefly in this story.

This leads Matthew down a dark spiral and it leads to a heart breaking ending. It completely sets the tension that maybe explored in the upcoming series The Last Hours. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short story. I love it when Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan come together because they really do create something beautiful. Also, as a fan of the series, it was nice to get a teaser for what it is waiting for us with these characters in the upcoming series.

You should definitely read this story!

Thank you!

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Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London – Take me back!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that last weekend I attended Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London. In fact, you’re probably sick of hearing about it. I loved every second of it. It was so chilled and relaxed compared to the Rogue Event, who no longer exist, conventions I’ve gone to in the past.

Saturday was the first day and I had no idea what to expect. We arrived in the queue for general admission. It was incredible. There were so many cool cosplays I couldn’t help but stare in awe. There was a female version of Scarecrow, purple Harley Quinn and the classic costumes of DC characters. I never seen anything like it.

When we was allowed in, we stepped into the Exhibition centre and it was surreal. It was like stepping into another world, one I would like to live in all the time. There was booths selling all kinds of cool merchandise, one stall was selling Viking drinking horns. Also, amongst the scattered stalls there was booths for different celebrities. They were actors and actresses from Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, The Gifted, Riverdale and Torchwood. There was panels for each show which were Q&As.

I managed to see all of the guests, all of whom were super nice! I had my pictures taken with so many; Brandon Routh, Emily Bett Richards, Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman, Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Tyler Hoechlin, Camila Mendes, Franz Drameh And Caity Lotz. It’s so great to see how interactive the cast are and they’re so appreciative. It’s wonderful.

There was so much independence with this convention, I loved it. At previous ones, I was discouraged from speaking to cast members because it took up too much time. Yet, the staff for this convention was so accepting and friendly. They were really willing to help! This was one of the most organised conventions I’ve ever been to. Yes, people said that the convention was disorganised but honestly, a convention is going to be a little chaotic. There’s so many people and guests having to be in different places that it makes it hard. However, at this one, everything was so organised. We were separated in groups for photo ops that made the queues go down quicker and once the autograph queues were full, they would stop people from joining until it went down again. It was run so smoothly. Even the photos were printed straight away! I had to wait all day for my photos to be printed at one con.

There was something so refreshing and cool about HVFF. I loved every second of it. Last year was the first time in four years, I didn’t go to con and I wasn’t bothered. Previous years had been so stressful and I couldn’t afford to. However, HVFF made me fall in love with cons all over again. You can’t help but feel united when you’re surrounded by people who love the same things as you. Honestly, it’s magical.

Hopefully, I will go again next year.

Thanks for reading!

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Cry of the Flying Rhino Book Review

This book was brought to my attention by the fantastic author, Ivy Ngeow. She contacted me to see if I would write a review for the novel. I’m so glad she did. This book was captivating! I couldn’t stop reading.

I read the ebook, which I usually struggle to read, but found myself flying through the text. It was based upon a Malaysian Chinese doctor, Benjie Lee, who has a one night stand with the mysterious Talisa. It was refreshing to learn about a different culture and find out about their norms, values and how they approach this situation.

In Cry of the Flying Rhino, Ivy Ngeow captivates the reader entirely. I was enthralled from the first page and curious about the setting of the Borneo. The novel is rich with details on cultural backgrounds and references, so much so, that you find yourself learning whilst reading. This was an aspect that I found fascinating and only compelled me to love the book further.

The novel is told through three different and very diverse characters. It was extremely intriguing to see how all these narratives joined together. It’s told through the Doctor Benjie, Minos, a criminal from Talisa’s hidden past, and Bernard, a priest who has a relationship with Minos. Ngeow’s use of character is creative and engaging, each one is terribly flawed but also has redemptive qualities. She portrays humanity accurately. This novel has the qualities of a thriller but yet it is something far greater! It’s embedded with a mixed cultures that I’ve never seen explored in this way.

This fast paced novel is incredible and had me hooked from start to finish. It’s no surprise that it is a Proverse Prize winner. I definitely recommend that you pick up this novel and read. It’s truly compelling fiction!

I’m also eagerly anticipating her second novel Heart of Glass which, I believe, is due for release next month.

Please get reading this book!

Thank you!

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A Court of Thorn and Roses Book Review

I’ve seen this series everywhere. It’s been all over my Twitter, a force in fiction. It was talked about even more during the release of A Court of Frost and Starlight. So, like I always am, I was intrigued to find out more about it and read it.

I’ve been looking for a fantasy series to lose myself in for a while now but I haven’t found anything that really gripped me. I was enchanted by the notion of a fantasy series built on the legendary Faerie and their relationship with humans. Honestly, the title also pulled me in. There’s something enticing and medieval about it which I love. Also, the cover is beautiful.

The blurb drew me in completely and I knew that I wanted to read the book. I was enthralled by Feyre, beautiful name, and the idea of her being this slaughtering huntress. When I read the second paragraph about her fierce and deadly captor, the scars on his body and his masked face, I wanted to learn more. The idea reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. I couldn’t wait to read.

Somehow I went into this book without any spoilers considering I see people talk about it all the time. Also, I haven’t come across any spoilers for the rest of the series either which I’m exceptionally thankful for. It’s exciting and rare to read a popular book without knowing any background information on it.

Sarah J Maas does such an exceptional work of creating this world. Immediately, I was involved in the politics and how the humans lived, the threat of the dangerous Faerie looming. The world is incredibly detailed and original. It wasn’t rushed or thrown at you, it was done with a slow refreshing pace. I liked it. It allowed me to get to know the world rather than me feeling like I was playing catch up.

One of the concepts that I loved about this world was the different Faerie courts. I love how they’re we’re separated into seasons, day, night and dawn. It made me think of the stories I heard about the Snow Queen when I was a child. Maas’ descriptions of the courts, especially, the Spring Court was enchanting. The beauty of the landscape and the danger of the creatures that lurked in the darkness was completely compelling.

As the main character of the novel, I was completely taken with Feyre. I loved her fierceness, the loyalty and kindness that she had. It made her endearing and fascinating to read. She also had her flaws and issues that made her a relatable character. I found myself wanting her to break free from the Court because that’s what she desired but I also wanted her to stay to uncover the secrets. I loved the character, I admired her strength and resilience but also was annoyed by her recklessness. However, this only engaged me in the book. I love admiring a character yet seeing them have flaws. It makes them more relatable.

Tamlin is an incredibly interesting character. I love how the relationship between him and Feyre develops. He is a strong warrior and one of the most powerful Faeries. This makes for a good dynamic between Feyre and Tamlin. Also, I loved Lucien’s character. He’s mean, sarcastic but with a soft side. Sarah J Maas does create wonderful captivating characters.

Towards the end of the book my heart was racing. It was filled with action and heart ache that it kept me on edge until the very end. I loved the arrival of some of the new characters, especially Rhysand, and hope to see their stories explored more thoroughly in the later books. I’ve enjoyed the first book in the series and I can’t wait to read the rest. Hopefully, I will have no spoilers.

I’m so disappointed that I have not come across this series earlier. It’s the perfect read. It’s a wonderful combination fantasy and adult fiction. I definitely would recommend this series.

Thanks for reading!

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Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli Book Review

So, hi. I loved this book and I’m still smiling because of this book.

Ever since I read Simon vs the Homo Sapien’s Agenda, I have been impatiently waiting for the arrival of this book. I pre-ordered it from Amazon and it came the day of its release. I was that excited for this book, I didn’t read anything else around the day of its release. I wanted to be able to read the novel as soon as it came in the post. Honestly, I was so excited.

The book definitely didn’t disappoint!

Also, I loved the cover of the book, I know I say that a lot, but it gave me fun summer vibes. The illustration of Leah on the front cover was beautiful. I loved the contrast of the yellow against the blue background.

The blurb allowed a brief insight into the questions and problems that arise in the novel. It didn’t dwell too much on the plot but gave hints of what was going on. It’s perfect because it allows you to read the book without knowing indefinitely what is going to happen.

This novel brought back the much-loved characters that we followed throughout Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. It was brilliant being allowed to be brought back into that friendship group yet see it from a fresh perspective. We got to see what was happening with Simon and Bram and how their relationship has progressed since we last seen them. We get to follow other characters such as Abby, Nick, Norah, etc. It was incredible. I love being able to see what my favourite characters are up to.

Let’s talk about my favourite character; Leah Burke. Leah Burke, I found, is the most relatable character I’ve read in such a long time. Becky Albertalli explored Leah’s personality so thoroughly and I found myself falling in love with her. Her sarcasm, her perception of the world and her relationship with friends was so accurate. I loved her. I found myself laughing with her, getting upset with her and wanting to be her friend. Becky Albertalli creates fantastic modern fun characters.

Also, I loved how Leah was different from most protagonists. She wasn’t thin, exceptionally beautiful, or straight. She is overweight and overthinks everything. I swear, she is me. She’s secretly bisexual and falling in love with one of her best friends. She has raised by her single hardworking mother who has started dating someone, Leah is sure how she feels about this.

This story was so beautiful and it warmed my heart. It was perfect! It was definitely as good as Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, if not better. I don’t know but it’s definitely close between them. In fact, I don’t think you can compare them as they are different novels but they’re wonderfully written books.

I was completely absorbed in the characters and what will happen at the end of Senior Year. I was rooting for Leah to come out and tell her friends that she was bisexual. I was loving the moments between her and the ‘friend’ she’s in love with. It was such a fun book.

There was humour, teen attitude, hilarious accidents, issues with self-identity and a beautifully sweet romance. Becky Albertalli never fails to write a compelling story with characters dealing with issues that have not been explored and written about in such a way before. I love the representation that she has within her books. She’s incredible. I can’t wait to finally read her first novel; The Upside of Unrequited.

Please, go buy this book. You’ll love it especially if you’ve read, Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. As soon as you open the first page, it feels like you’re coming home. I hope there is more of my favourite Creekwood students in the future.

Read this book this summer and I guarantee that you won’t be able to stop smiling.

Thank you.

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Emergency Contact Book Review

There was so much hype and love for this book all over Twitter that I had to see what it was about. People kept recommending it and I knew it was something I would love. It was described as fun and flirty.

The first thing that attracted me to this book was the cover. I loved the colours and the illustrations. It’s beautiful. I think it really sets the tone for the book as well.

The blurb had me hooked. The small section from the book highlighted the quirks of Penny’s character. I found myself relating to her even in this extract. It demonstrated the beginning of Sam and Penny’s relationship as emergency contacts. It was incredibly cute and I couldn’t wait to read more.

I enjoyed this book so much. It was a cute relationship between two characters, Penny and Sam. These two meet, surrounded in their own problems, and decide to become each other’s emergency contacts. I loved the concept. It felt so modern but also reminded me of one of my favourite movies; You’ve Got Mail.

Choi manages to create a fun contemporary novel that centres around Penny moving to college. I haven’t read many books with the protagonist moving away to college and it’s something that I really enjoyed. Also, I related to Penny so much and I loved her quirkiness. All the characters were written brilliantly that I found myself thinking of people I know that are similar. It brought me that much closer to the book.

There’s an unexpected twist in the book that I didn’t know about or hadn’t seen anyone writing about. It left me surprised. It knocked me back, all I wanted to do was protect Penny. It was truly heart breaking the way she spoke about a traumatic past event and how she had never shared the information.

I loved this book. I loved Penny and how she wasn’t a traditional protagonist. Penny was fresh, interesting and Korean. The novel was different and wonderfully engaging. I found myself smiling at Sam and Penny throughout the book. I was completely involved in their relationship and how it developed. I could have read so much more of them. I didn’t want it to end.

Emergency Contact is the perfect summer read. I couldn’t stop smiling when I finished this book! It was beautiful.

Add it to your summer reads!

Thank you!


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Why I’m not doing a TBR this month

So, last month I set myself a TBR list and you’re probably wondering, well you probably don’t care, where this month’s list is. It’s non-existent. Last month, I set myself a list of five books to read and ended up reading ten books.

I was proud of that achievement considering I was in the midst of handing in final assessments and preparing for my exam. I was swamped with deadlines and lists of to do things which is why I don’t have a TBR this month.

This month I’m taking time to myself and going to read books based on what I’m feeling at the time. I’m honestly curious to see if this will lead to me reading more books or less. I can’t wait to see how much reading I get done.

Also, I want to spend this month writing. I want to write all the ideas that are floating around in my head and get them down on the page.

What about you? Have you set a TBR or are you a mood reader?

Comment below.

Happy reading!

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